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Hot Sauces

Imagine. Both the indigenous Amerindian people of the Caribbean and the fabulous Capsicum Chile Pepper family, began life deep in the wet tropical rain forests of Amazonia.

In the Caribbean the exotic is commonplace. Scotch Bonnet Habaneros for example are found everywhere, just part of life.

Enjoy our range of Hot Sauce products. Add a dash (in a flash) of the exhilirating majic taste of the islands to simple wholesome foods today.

Carib Ghost Hot Sauce

Ultra Hot. Delectable. Made with exotic Jolokai Peppers from Assam, West Indian Habaneros, onions, garlic, turmeric, cumin, black bird peppers. You don't need a lot. This is now our latest and hottest hot sauce.

Habanero Lime Hot Sauce

Hot red Caribbean Habanero peppers and West Indian sweet limes give this sauce heat with real flavour. Upgrade your Bloody Marys, fry rice, fry chicken, yes you got it, fry anything.

Creole Chipotle Hot Sauce

A chunky, crunchy delight with smoky chipotles, island habaneros & African black peppers. This is the hot sauce for those who are not yet hot sauce people. Our Creole favourite.

Carib Jalapeno Hot Sauce

More subtle, less hot, green, less intense, still flavourful & delicious. We use it with eggs, omelettes, yes even at breakfast, grilled fish, shrimp, lobster and pork. Add it to salads and salad dressings too.

Liquid Fire Ultra Hot Sauce

This is our hottest hot sauce ever. Use this one with extreme caution. It is not for children or normal adults. Buy it for someone else. But if you like this type of flavour, scoop it out with a needle. Lasts for ever!

Gourmet Roast Garlic Hot Sauce

An island favourite, medium hot orange Caribbean habanero peppers, West Indian sweet limes, roasted carrot, onions and garlic make up this distinctive and popular delight.

Gourmet Steak Sauce

Made with fire roasted citrus fruits, tomatoes, sun dried grapes, red onion, garlic and Caribbean spice. Adds island interest and flavour to wholesome grilled foods, steak, chicken. Specially good on fresh grilled fish.

Gourmet Guavaberry & Papaya BBQ Sauce

The delicious flavours of guavaberries, papayas, tomatoes, sweet limes and mild Caribbean herbs and spices. Brush liberally on all that you grill, chicken legs, Irish sausages, merguez, choritzo, lamb chops, goat chops, pork chops, spare ribs, any kind of fresh fish, from salmon steaks to whole red snapper, veggies, wedges of West Indian pumpkin, squid, shrimp and lobsters. A long time local favourite. On the beach, back-yard, yacht or cuisine, Sint Maartenise all that you grill.

Gourmet Blackening Dry Seasoning

A Recipe — Heat a good pan for 5 minutes, the hotter the better. Coat chicken (e.g.) pieces with 1 oz olive oil. Cover all with Blackening. Cook in hot pan until underside forms a nice crust. Turn over & repeat.

Gourmet Garlic Lemon & Herb Seasoning

Add instant interest. Rub it on fish, chicken chops. Add to oil & vinegar for delicious & affordable personalised saladdressings. Also seasons pasta, stews, rice, beans & vegetable dishes.

Gourmet JERK Dry Seasoning

JERK has been a favourite in the islands for donkey’s years. Rub it into chicken, fresh fish, pork chops, steaks, hamburgers, anywhere you want that tangy, spicy, earthy taste of the Caribbean.